Frutorious: Gameplay Trailer!

We’ve made our third and final pre-launch video. Three videos, eh!  That’s a lot of videos isn’t it?! Well it’s more than usual, but then this is an unusual game.  We realised that it needed that little extra push to get into people’s hearts and minds that one prod wouldn’t do, what we needed was an opening pre-launch triumvirate salvo of three very different videos.

Let’s talk about our three pronged trailer attack – our ‘Shonk and Awe’ publicity plan!

How do you solve a problem like Frutorious?

Firstly, the game has a light-hearted feel to it and a quirky vibe which is hard to describe in words, especially when you’re so involved in the game. That’s why we felt the best introduction to the game would be our first trailer ‘The Making Of: Frutorious.’ We wanted to get across the fact that we’re a focussed, passionate team who at the same time aren’t taking ourselves very seriously.  We also wanted to approach the ‘making of’ documentary structure with a much more playful style.

Secondly; the mix of felt, plasticine and hand drawn art is something we’re very very proud of, so we definitely want to show it off as much as possible!  That’s why our second trailer ‘Frutorious: Story Trailer’  focussed on the hand-drawn elements and set up the back-story for the game.

Thirdly, the concept of a sling-shot platform game with fruit, arcade elements, pinball, golf and 90’s Hip-Hop puns doesn’t translate well without just showing video of it being played.  The more video of people actually playing the game we can get out, the easier it is for people to understand what the game is about, which brings us here today with the third video  ‘Frutorious: Gameplay Trailer’.

As well as showing people what the game is like to play, it also showcases the sort of variety in visuals and gameplay that we’ve got going on.  We hope it gets about and people see it!