Frutorious Submitted to AppStore!

Funny really how making of any game whether it’s a two year AAA game or a 6 month iPhone game always finishes with a press of a button…

… and last night, Charlie pressed our button that sends Frutorious onto the journey to the AppStore.

It’s a nice process they’ve got, all very exciting.  We think they missed a trick not having a drumroll while it’s uploading to Apple, and a bit fanfare and fireworks when this screen pops up…

So now all we have to do is wait between a week and two weeks for the ladies and gentlemen at Apple to make sure we haven’t made some horrible dirty willy bum-bum simulator or something.

We haven’t of course.  We’ve made a hybrid arcade puzzle platformer – and it’s now WAITING FOR REVIEW!

We’ll bring you more news soon.  Fingers crossed Frutorious makes it through Apple Cert with no problems because like Dirty Den on a webcam chat,  we want to get it out as soon as possible.