3DDMR Demo Launch Press Release


ISG Mike
Creative Director
Infinite State Games

3D Don’t Die, Mr Robot! Demo Launches on Steam!

Infinite State Games, the developer of legendary rogue-lite shmup Rogue Aces, today announced the launch of the demo for the upcoming 3D reboot of their 2014 multiformat cult hit “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot”… and it’s available for immediate download on the 3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! Steam page today!


3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is a fast-paced, arcade-style collect-’em-up where you play as Mr. Robot, a little droid who has become trapped in a highly dangerous and rather fruity dimension known as the Neon Dunjun. The only way for him to survive is to collect fruits which will explode on contact, destroying any enemies in their blast radius, helping Mr. Robot to cheat death for a few more moments. To assist him further, exploding fruits set off a chain reaction, causing other fruit to explode – filling the screen with trippy destruction and more importantly, POINTS!

In this reboot, ISG have taken the almost 10 years old original PC, iOS and Console game and completely remade it from the ground up in the third dimension. They’ve rebalanced the game from years of user feedback for the perfect difficulty curve that exquisitely treads the line between exhilarating and exasperating. They’ve been able to finally realise their vision of the Don’t Die, Mr. Robot universe through particle abuse and all the emissive neon goodness that modern game engines offer. With a cool neo-retro cell-chaded look, each enemy has been recreated and in many cases re-invented in full 3D to be full of goofy character, while maintaining ISG’s signature home-grown vibe. And of course there’s all new heart pounding bangers from the ISG house band which will be sure to pull you into a fruit-trance.

The demo consists of an entire self contained version of Arcade Mode, complete with its own online leaderboard. This is 3DDMR at it’s purest – a timed score attack battle to score as many points before the fruit-trance meter gets to 100%.

You’ll begin each game of Arcade Mode at 0% in a gage in the left hand side which slowly trickles up over time. As this fruit-trance meter rises, so the enemies become more fierce, numerous and dastardly in design. Your aim, along with trying your best to not expire at the hands of a robotic baddie, is to score as many points as possible down there in the Neon Dunjun before your inevitable demise.


  • Fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay
  • Addictive scoring system
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Visual overload bliss
  • Heart pounding soundtrack
  • Simple to pick up, difficult to master
  • Endless replayability

3D Don’t Die, Mr Robot! is due to launch sometime towards the end of 2023. The full game will include multiple game modes including a 50 level campaign mode, as well as new features and content. And of course, all the filthy, filthy bass lines one expects from an ISG game.

About Infinite State Games

Infinite State Games (ISG) is an independent game studio based in Bristol and London. The studio was founded in 2012 by industry veterans Charlie and Mike. Infinite State Games is best known for its work on Rogue Aces, Horatio Goes Snowboarding, Family Tree and of course the Don’t Die, Mr Robot! series.

Screenshots/Trailer/Logos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bkhpe7tswvkfcj9/3DDMR_PressPack.zip?dl=0


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