3d Don’t Die Mr. Robot!

Almost 10 years in the making, 3DDMR is the sequel to our PS4, PSVita, Nintendo Switch and Steam cult hit Don’t Die, Mr. Robot.

Mr. Robot was a cuboid, blue robot who looked a little silly. Everyone teased him for how squat and stocky he was, and how short his arms were. But Mr. Robot didn’t let that get to him.

He was a kind and helpful robot, and his job was to guard the entrance to a dangerous place called the Neon Dunjun to make sure no one ever went in. The entrance to the Neon Dunjun was a dark hole in the ground which seemed to go down forever into darkness, and Mr. Robot was too scared to look down there.

But one day, he did look down there. And in doing so, Mr. Robot accidentally fell in…

After falling for what seemed like an eternity, he landed in a very stange place indeed. The floors were made of neon lights, and the walls were constantly moving and changing shape. The music was loud and pulsating, and the air was thick with the smell of electricity. Each room of the Neon Dunjun took the form of a single floating arena suspended in a void of color, and it was full of rather mean looking robot enemies! There were spikers, chompers, seekers, rockets, aimers, centipedes, and King Brute – all hell bent on destroying our brave little hero.

Mr. Robot knew that he had to find a way to escape from this strange and dangerous dimension. He had to be quick, he had to be clever, and he had to be brave. Most importantly, he had to not die!


3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is a fast-paced, arcade-style collect-’em-up where you play as Mr. Robot, a little robot who is trapped in a highly dangerous and rather fruity dimension. The only way to survive is to collect fruits which will explode on contact, destroying any enemies in their blast radius, helping Mr. Robot to cheat death for a few more moments. To assist him further, exploding fruits set off a chain reaction, causing other fruit to explode – filling the screen with destruction and more importantly, POINTS!

3DDMR is a reboot of our PC, iOS and Console cult hit “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!” with a whole new dimension of delights! There’s REMIX MODE with it’s hand made challenges, ARCADE MODE with it’s high-scoring but mind melting purity, and of course CHILL-OUT MODE with, well… you’ll find out. And of course, plenty of global leaderboards for all the modes to compete in.

The game is simple to pick up and play, but difficult to master. The controls are easy to learn, but the game is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes. You’ll need to use all of your skills to dodge enemies, collect fruit, and survive as long as possible to help Mr. Robot escape the Neon Dunjun in one peice!


  • Fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay
  • Addictive scoring system
  • Visual overload bliss
  • Heart pounding soundtrack
  • Simple to pick up, difficult to master
  • Endless replayability

We hope you’re as excited about 3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! as we are! To show our appreciation for your support, we’re working on a free Steam demo. It’s the full Arcade mode from the main game. This will give you a chance to try out Arcade Mode before the full game launch – plus you’ll be able to compete online for the top score on the demo leaderboards.

So wishlist 3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot today to be the first to know when the free demo is released, and happy dodging!