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Nice run on DDMR – Arcade Mode

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is a game where you need to milk the scoring mechanic to get the high scores.

Here’s us doing a run in Arcade Mode where we use all the techniques to get a big fat score!

Watch out for:

  • Letting the fruit build up to get a bigger chain and thus a higher points multiplier
  • Using the spawning indicators to predict where the next wave of enemies will come from
  • Getting Danger Bonuses where possible
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Frutorious HD is OUT NOW!

We finally released Frutorious HD.  By accident.  Basically, we meant to release it this week but Mike pressed the GO button before he’d put the screenshots and videos up.

No matter though, it’s an early go for an amazing update for our good old Frutorious!

What’s even cooler is, if you had the original, you’ll get this update completely free!  We wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported us with the original release with this update and this was the easiest way to do that.

Here’s some screenshots to whet your appetite…

Download the HD version of Frutorious with all our tweaks, redesigns and improvements for your iPhone here!

You can find out more about Frutorious on our special page!

We’ll update the AppStore soon to have decent screenshots and video, but in the mean time get on the case and be one of the first to grab Frutorious HD!

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Avoid Droid – Press Roundup from around the world!

It’s been a great week for Avoid Droid press!

The majestic and proud PocketGamer leading the trend as always with an awesome announcement of our iOS intentions, followed up with echoes around the globe by some excellent international sites.  We’re over the moon to get this sort of coverage!  Here’s a round-up of it all…



PSVita Round-Up




Huge thanks to all the websites who’ve given us coverage so far.  We’re very grateful and humbled.  Now, we’ve got two weeks left before we submit the PSVita version so we better get on with that.  We’ll give you more news on that and the iOS version very soon.  In the mean time, keep on truckin’!

Death comes to us all
Death comes to us all
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ISG at Modern Playing 2 in Cardiff Tonight

Part of GameCity, Modern Playing is a new video-game culture night out.

There’s nights in Birmingham, Sleaford, Edinburgh and London but tonight it’s down in Cardiff.  In the Chapter Arts place no less where Barry Island spent a few absinthe sozzled evenings in his youth.

We’re coming down to be a tiny part of it too, and we’re asking for people’s help! (Because that’s what gonzo developers are often inclined to do!)

When we were up in Dundee a few months ago, we found that on the whole, the difficulty of our Avoid Droid prototype was a little high for some people.  Dying is inevitable, but from observing a large sample of people it looked like we needed to notch things down a little.  Not *too* much, but definitely down to what we’d become accustomed to after months of closed off development.

GAME OVER! And so close to those fruits, too!

So tonight, we’re coming with a super duper master plan…


So this time, Charlie has made a special build with a tweak-slider that lets us make things harder or easier dynamically in the field!  INSTA-ADJUSTO-FEEDBACK-O-TRON 3000


So we can observe someone playing, get their feedback on the difficulty, make a little adjustment here and there… and get instant feedback on the tweaks.  Should be really good – we’re really excited to try this system out in the wild like this.  There really isn’t anything better than being able to watch people play your game and work out where changes need to be made to make people happiest.

So if you’re down at Modern Playing tonight at the Chapter, do come and say hi and give us a hand with getting the trickiness nailed!  We’d really really appreciate it and any feedback at all.

Times and tickets etc here

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Make your own Droid – get it in the game!

Hey dudes and dudettes, how’s it hanging.

So, Avoid Droid is coming along nicely!  Very nicely indeed I must say.  We’ll tell you aaaaaaaaall about it soon, promise, but in the mean time, here’s our E3 trailer…

Looks fun, doesn’t it! Well it’s getting more awesome every day.

Now, here’s where you come in…

Avoid Droid is going to have loads and loads of different droids to unlock. There’ll be a droid for every mood. Here’s a few examples of the ones we’ve got already…


If you want to have a go, you can make your own using our Droid template and your favourite computer paint package!

Click here to download the Droid template!

Just load it up and do whatever you want on it!  N.B. We do the mouth and the pupils, so don’t put them in 😀

You could put a texture or a design on it, write on it… literally anything at all!  (apart from rudey things obv)

You could change the colour or pattern of the eyes if you were feeling adventurous (but the probably look better as they are).

Just keep inside the lines (unless you don’t want to) and have fun!

Post your finished ‘Droids to our Avoid Droid Facebook page here

The ones with the most likes will get in the game!

Alternatively if you’re not down with Facebooks, you could post them in the comment section of this blog post 🙂

So have fun, go wild and let’s make some Droids!

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Charlie chats inspiration and philosophy behind Adventurus Arithmetica

Hey gang!  How’s it hanging.
So, this is blog entry number two in our development diary for Adventurus Arithmetica.  Today, Barry Island throws some questions to the man with the plan, Charlie.  We’ll be talking about where the idea for Adventurus Arithmetica came from, our hopes for the project and some of the philosophies behind the idea.  He’ll also let us in on some frank and insightful commentary from the development so far.  Now without further ado, let’s get chatting!
Dude, it’s pretty out there… Where did the idea for a mental arithmetic adventure RPG come from?

Back on the ZX Spectrum, in my very early days of coding in BASIC, I made a little game where a fella was being made to walk the plank with a pirate asking multiplication questions. If you got it wrong, you got prodded one step closer to the inevitable game over splash. The idea behind that early game has bounced around inside my head ever since, picking up a whole load of various inspirations from my love of RPGs and other genres throughout the years. If I could figure out how to work an RTS, FPS or driving angle in there too, I totally would!


 What ages will the game be suitable for?  Is it just for kids or do you see all ages playing it?

While we want to aim at a younger audience as they will stand to gain most from the maths based elements while at school, we are following our standard modus operandi at Infinite State Games and making games we ourselves also want to play. So the mechanics will be rich enough to satisfy the older gamer, while we will refrain from severed body parts and other non-child friendly themes that tend to accompany bladed melee based combat in order to keep our age rating down.

No doubt! We can’t be getting all Dark Souls.  Well, maybe a little. What do you hope people will get out of playing the game?
Apart from being a unique exploring and looting RPG with it’s own discernible art and animation style and unique combat system, this is one game where you actually level up in real life and become noticeably better at mental arithmetic. Even in the short time I’ve been play testing for I’ve notice a marked improvement in myself.

Any mental skill is just like a physical one – the more you practise it, the better you get. Maths is no different. And you’d be amazed at how much you use mental arithmetic in every day life, even if you don’t realise it… From working out if that shop keeper just short changed you, to working out how many times you can hit snooze before you absolutely have to get out of bed!


As a professional coder, your head for Maths must be pretty good. Do you need to be good at sums to program?

A little secret: I’m pretty rubbish at maths! Certainly relative to some of the guys I’ve worked with over the years. But to be honest, you don’t need great maths skills to be a great programmer, unless you want to get into hardcore graphics programming or make it big in the finance trading platforms world. Programming is more about logical thinking and getting a good overall picture of what you are trying to achieve in your head.

How did you practice Maths when you were a kid, did you have anything like this?

I wish! No, we had nothing like this when I was a kid, except my simple Speccy based prototype. My maths classes just followed the tried and tested methods of working through dusty old text books. However, in my later years of school, I was required to get a fancy calculator that let you write simple programs. So I then spent most of my maths lessons sitting at that back writing really basic games.


What’s the current state of the game, and how far away from completion is the game?

The game is pretty playable already, although it only has one environment prototyped so far. The combat model is largely in place, and so are the exploration mechanics. I’m a big fan of random map generation, because it adds to replayability. Especially in a game like this where exploring and looting are core components. But random map generation is a tricky thing to get right, so that is where most of the time has gone so far, and I’m pretty happy with where the geography generation is right now. There is still some work to do around environment specific generation, but the hardest part is done. Next up is loot though, then all the core components are in place so we can start building little ideas on the game’s main foundations while we tweak and add assets.

And of course, we’re just using place holder art currently.  We’re planning on having a very illustrated hand-drawn look to the finished product.  We’ll talk more about that in another dev diary post.

Is there any part of making the game you’re particularly looking forward to doing or dreading starting on? 

The random map generation was the part I was most dreading, mainly because I had a vague notion about how it would work, but hadn’t quite ironed out the actual nuts and bolts of it in my head. However I like to tackle the hardest problems first with any project, so I spent a few solid days getting the map generation outlined and am pleased with how it’s working now. There will probably be a few tweaks over the course of the project, but the hard part is done.

And with the hard part done, it means we can just focus on adding fun things which is what I most love about making games – the tweaking and the little touches that you always ad lib outside any official design document. They, to me, are what makes developing games so great.

Damn straight, man.  Cheers, Charlie that was awesome.

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We’re making a new game! (Adventurus Arithmetica)

Hello, chums!

So, for the last couple of months, Charlie has been coding and designing the prototype for our next game and it’s now at a state where we can show it to you guys.

Starting a new game is a fantastic time where the team can share the birthing process of an idea, and as it grows each of us can find ways we can use our unique skills to make it the best game possible.

So what sort of game is it! Well, it’s what we’d call a mental arithmetic adventure RPG.


Travelling through distant lands you will meet monstrous creatures which you’ll battle using your powers of fast mental arithmetic as they pose you increasingly demanding maths problems.

What we’ve got right now is a vertical slice which show-cases the combat, navigation, animation and random map generation.  Let’s have a look at a video of the most recent prototype:

There’s a loooooooooooooong way to go now until we’ve got a completed concept, let alone the finished game. We still need to prototype quests, treasure chests, boss fights… along with any other features we choose to add to make the game play experience better.

The place-holder art you can see in the video will be replaced by the hand-drawn work of an illustrator (who we will tell you more about soon).

The music is in the process of being researched. Barry is up ’till the wee small hours every night researching medieval music to bring you a hint of authenticity in his own inimitable style.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the video and continue to follow the development of our game as it takes shape!