How to not suck at Rogue Aces – by The Commander

What ho, Pilots! It’s the Commander here from Rogue Aces – the new aerial combat arcade rogue-lite from Infinite State Games and Thalamus Digital. Now, for your eyes only, are some exclusive tips I like to give plucky recruits on how to achieve jolly, big and fat scores and not totally suck. There’s nothing I enjoy more […]

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VO is in Rogue Aces!

We’ve just finished putting the voice over in the game, and what a difference it’s made. Putting audio in any game really makes it come alive, and it’s one of our favourite parts of the game making process. However when the voice over goes in, when it’s performed by someone as indescribably awesome as Marc […]

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Rogue Aces: Meet The Enemy

What ho, my old fruities! Now look here, I’ve got some intel on the enemy forces you’ll be taking on in Rogue Aces. So pay attention, pilot!   AERIAL FOES  B101 Fury Wasp – Slow turns, small engines weak guns.  B102 Angry Squirrel – better fire power, slow speed. B103 Sparrowhawk – highly agile fighter  B104 SkyTiger – […]

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