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Rogue Aces: Meet The Enemy

Good_Dude_Boxless.pngWhat ho, my old fruities!

Now look here, I’ve got some intel on the enemy forces you’ll be taking on in Rogue Aces.

So pay attention, pilot!



4.png B101 Fury Wasp – Slow turns, small engines weak guns.

1.png B102 Angry Squirrel – better fire power, slow speed.

2.pngB103 Sparrowhawk – highly agile fighter

3.png B104 SkyTiger – Big guns, fast and tough.

5.png B105 Nashwan – Max acceleration, turn speed, armour & guns.




B112 The Spangleford Skyburglar

Heavily armoured, chain gun toting flying fortress capable of delivering explosive payloads or paratroopers.

There have been larger enemy assets spotted in the skies, but we’re going to need you to investigate those for yourself, pilot.  We do however have this classified silhouette…



Tank_Aim.png T021 Death Tortoise Tank – slow but capable of killing you in one shot.

Enemy_AA_Truck_Drive.png P-A2 A-A Artillery Vehicle – powerful anti air attacking powers.

AA_Turret_Revised.pngAnti Aircraft Turret – hell bent on destroying you.

Flak_Boat_Cruise_Frames.pngSS. Rusty Destroyer – The tank of the sea!


Armoured Train – the enemy has taken to adulterating beautiful choo-choo trains and sticking a load of horrid guns on them.  These are modular and change their configuration according to the threat level.

There are reports of much larger nautical military threats out there, but nothing concrete.  All we have this this classified silhouette…


Now, there’s still a few months until we start our all out assault on the enemy, and it’s quite possible that we’ve missed some threats off of this intel report that you’ll have to encounter in the field.

We do however have this footage from a previous night time test flight you might enjoy

In the mean time, we suggest you follow infinite state games on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest intelligence coming in.



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ISG guest post on the PlayStation Blog!

The wonderful chaps and ladies at Sony asked us if we’d like to do a guest post on the PlayStation blog to announce Avoid Droid for Vita!  So we did…

Avoid Droid on PS Vita

In Avoid Droid, fruit appears in sync with a drum beat of ever-increasing tempo. Your Droid loves fruit! But when he tries to eat them, they explode. It’s not all bad though, because those explosions destroy the endless horde of robotic machines trying to squish, zap, stomp and bite you. (It’s their fruit, you see. Don’t ask.)

There’s also a thread going on in legendary internet guardians of true gaming passion, NeoGAF

And got a mention on one of our fave webmags, Polygon

Hooray!  This announcement is the biggest moment for our teeny company yet so it’s feeling pretty massive right now.

We owe a massive massive thanks to Shahid, Lorenzo, Fred and the rest of the guys at Sony who’ve not only found us hiding away but played our game and saw something exciting in it – allowing us to get this far.  Sony have been so helpful and understanding of our situation (they didn’t bat an eyelid at sending the devkits to where we work in our day jobs!).  Making Avoid Droid a completely awesome arcade game for the ages is our ultimate goal, and we know we’re going to make something that’ll honour the guys at Sony, the gamers who are down with this sort of portable arcadey fun, and our own integrity as developers.

There’s generally a positive and encouraging reception to the announcement which has made us very happy!  It’s been a frantic couple of months putting this together and it’s still got a long way to go but we already know this is going to be something utterly kick ass and amazing.  A true gamer’s game.

We’ve taken on board comments expressing a desire for improved visual quality.  Don’t worry guys, we’re still in early development and have a long way to go still 🙂  There’ll be a lot more graphical flair put in later.  We’re still getting to grips with what the Vita can do (lots and lots!) and there’s a lot more we will be doing to polish the game visually when the time comes.  At this stage of development, it’s more important for us to concentrate on the quality of the gameplay.

Thanks, Sony, for having us as a guest blogger – but more importantly for giving us our big break!

Avoid Droid, Coming Soon, Sony, Super Frutorious HD, VIta

Avoid Droid & Frutorious coming to PlayStation Vita

Hello, chums!

So we’ve got some absolutely excellent news; we have been talking to some really lovely people at Sony, and they’re working with us to bring Avoid Droid and Frutorious to Sony’s PlayStation Vita console!

We’ve just signed all the contracts and the devkits are on their way.  It’s so exciting for us to be able to bring our games to a wider audience on such powerful hardware too.

Avoid Droid for Vita will be a visually enhanced version of its iOS counterpart.  We’re still discussing the details but it’s likely to be a PS Vita exclusive for a period of time.



After Avoid Droid, we’re planning on bringing Frutorious to Vita.  This ‘Super Frutorious HD’ will feature re-mastered HD art and user interface improvements.



So exciting times for Infinite State Games!  Thanks for your interest in us and we hope you keep stopping by to check up on how we’re doing.