Horatio Goes Snowboarding v1.0 is out!

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Horatio Goes Snowboarding
Steam Launch press release

Snowboard or die!

Infinite State Games (creators of Don’t Die, Mr Robot!, Rogue Aces, Family Tree) are proud to announce the official launch of ‘Horatio Goes Snowboarding’. Hire a board, get to the chopper, hit the slopes, rinse and repeat! It’s a score attack game of vehicle dodging, gate passing, yeti avoiding and of course, skier harassment.

Imagine someone took all those retro winter sports arcade games from back in the day, added a bit of comic violence and a load of drum and bass, then mixed ‘em all together in a gorgeous 3D cartoony world. That’s Horatio Goes Snowboarding!

Check out our Steam Page here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1589380/Horatio_Goes_Snowboarding/

Here we go then, lovely boys!

To celebrate his retirement from work, Horatio has decided to tick off the last thing on his bucket list: go snowboarding.

Each fresh day starts with Horatio emerging from his hotel (or hospital depending how the previous day went), hell bent on getting on the slopes as quickly as possible. He’ll dodge psychotic levels of traffic to get to the helicopter which’ll carry him to the top of the mountain. Then it’s down to just you and the procedurally generated slopes as our bobble-hatted hero descends increasingly fast, more hazardous slopes aiming for that perfect run. Get to the bottom, and the next day you can try again for even more points to add towards your global leader board entry.

Until, that is, you’re out of money to pay for your hospital bills and board hire. Then the holiday is officially over.

Classic Winter Sports Japery

If Skiing, SkiFree or Horace Goes Skiing were ever part of your life, you’ll know how much fun a simple winter sports game can be. And if you’ve ever played an Infinite State Games’ videogame, you’ll know simple but deep, gratuitously replayable arcade experiences are what we do best. We’ve distilled our favourite parts of those old games, added a bunch of modern mechanics plus online leaderboards, to create the ultimate tribute to those classic arcade wintery good times.

We’ve also hidden away an Endless Mode which is unlocked when you’ve scored a cumulative total of 1,000,000 points in the main campaign game. But this isn’t just any old Endless Mode, this is an ISG Endless Mode, so turn up your speakers and get close to the screen because things are gonna get synesthetic!

From Early Access to Final

We spent months in Early Access tweaking and honing gameplay until it was tight as could be, but we didn’t do this alone. We listened to the feedback of hundreds of players and worked with our amazing community on Twitter and Discord to not only perfect our own ideas, but to get inspiration from other folk’s memories of these classic snow-based action games.

Come get some codes!

If you’re a journalist or streamer who’d like a copy of our game, you can request one from our PressEngine site.

Download press kit here:

Screenshot Gallery


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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This page is used to inform visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service.

We collect none of the data you submit while using this Service – it remains local to your device only.

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Wing Kings Brand New Screenshot Blitz!

Wing Kings (working title) is coming along VERY nicely indeed.  We have in our hands solid proof that an arcade aerial combat roguelike is insanely fun.  But don’t worry, it’ll be in your hands in Q1 2017!  Here are some new screenshots of a prop-plane blowing things up 😉


Some little fellas here running away from your bombs


There’s your Commander, greeting you to the game.


Whoops, we had to eject here due to flying plane into cliff edge.


This is one of the enemy’s biscuit factories.  Better destroy that.


Bit of night time parachuting.


This is a well guarded factory, getting rather peppered with bullets!


Taking flak from all angles against this battle ship.


Some serious tank action!


A giant enemy airship took me out!


Well, at least I took a few tanks and some dude with me.


A little unsporting perhaps, this sort of carry on.

So there we go!  Next up, we’ll be putting in the other ecosystems and environments.  Just as soon as we’ve put in the BARON BOSS FIGHTS! Oooooh!

And don’t forget, if you want to help us choose the final name for Wing Kings, we’ve put it to a vote!  Check out our shortlist and let us know which name suits the game best here!

Team ISG


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Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! PS4 Press Release

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot – Bullet hell avoid ’em up for PS4 and PSVita (Cross-Buy)

Deep in the electro-abyss lives a little robot who loves to eat exploding fruit. He also quite likes staying alive. That’s where you come in…

The cult arcade favourite “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!” is coming to PlayStation 4 on 8th March in NA and EU.

We’ve pumped up the visuals to silky smooth 60fps and full HD. We’ve tweaked the banging electro soundtrack so it sounds super rad on a big screen.

We’ve massaged the controls to perfection, and we’ll be bathing your lap with neon glowy goodness emanating from the controller.

Plus, all the hot game modes that made the PSVita version a player’s favourite:

  • The brutally addictive Arcade Mode brings arcade glory into your living room with a compulsive death drop into the fruity electro-abyss.

  • The intense Score Attack mode that gives you two and a half minutes to push the scoring mechanism to its limits, or to die loads and do real badly. It’s up to you!

  • The misleadingly named Chill Out mode which is far from relaxing at all.

  • Remix mode which gives you 50 missions of mixed up rules and gameplay variations.

Each game mode shares leaderboards with the PSVita version so if you don’t manage to get top score at home, you can keep your streak by playing on the go!

There’s loads of other surprises in store too, so stick your headphones on, get your controller ready and dive head first into some good old fashioned arcadey bliss.









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Wing Kings Dev Diary Part 1

At Infinite State Games we pride ourselves on being completely independent. No publishers, no stakeholders, no nothing. It’s literally just two guys with a home-made game engine working out of our respective kitchens, making the sort of games we want to play, with no-one to answer to.


In November 2014, we released Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! on PSVita. It got some nice fat 8/10 scores and introduced a lot of people to the sort of games that we at ISG like to make: unapologetic, slightly unhinged, super fun, hardcore arcade games that require a bit of thought but not too much.

In this quick dev-diary, we’re gonna let you into the last 6 months of development on our next game; Wing Kings – due for release mid-2016 on PSVita and PS4 platforms.

July – The War Planning Committee

We’ve no shortage of games we want to make at ISG, so chucking ideas around at the initial planning phases is always an energizing process.

Looking through our big black book of secret game designs, we didn’t take long to agree that the next game should be one we’ve been planning for many years now. It would be a revisiting of the old 2D dog fighting games of our youth, but with modern game-play mechanics, rogue-like character development and procedurally generated landscapes. It would have to have replay value out the wazoo, a deep control scheme and gorgeous art.

We wanted the player to choose between a female or male protagonist. Charlie always likes to play as femme fatales in games, Mike always chooses a meat-head dude, so this way we both got to play as we like.

We also wanted to be conscious of the ethics of making a game based around war. Neither of us at ISG are fans of armed conflict in real life. Mike was raised by Quakers and is always casting his hippy eyes over everything to make sure it’s all morally kosher. But when you’re peppering enemies with a highly powered prop-plane mounted cannon, blasting them with rockets and pummeling their bases with bombs – there’s gonna be some violent depictions. We needed a rule. We needed internal guidelines. We came up with this:

As long as it’s fun, it’s fine.’

The fact is, there are many ways to dispatch enemies in Wing Kings. Not all of them pretty. What we do guarantee though is, it’s all great fun.

So with our joint vision clear, the time to make a new game arrived…

August – The Core Mechanic of Flight


Right at the core of Wing Kings is flying. If flying doesn’t feel right, the game ain’t gonna feel right.  So we didn’t mess about. At Infinite State Games we strongly believe that your core game mechanics need to be very tight: everything else is just icing on that cake. And as the son of an ex-RAF pilot and a huge fan of WW2 flight sims, Charlie wanted to get as much realism into the flight and damage models as possible, while still making it feel fun.

But neither of us are aeronautical engineers though, so it was over to the good people at MIT to provide some guidance:


September – Prototyping and Experimenting

September was the month we dropped the core game-play mechanics into our engine and started properly prototyping. Initially the focus was on getting taking off and landing right, getting the firing speed right, making the bombs and rockets feel exciting and ensuring the landscape generation routines didn’t make the world a horrid place to be.

We also started making the AI for our enemies. Making the enemy planes chase and attack the player in a pleasing way wasn’t too hard. Making them not want to smash into the sea or cliff edges took a little more persuasion. https://youtu.be/xJpGabrkRzc

The more we played, the more we realized that the fun of the game was not from specific instructions and rigid missions, but from breaking off and doing your own thing. When you’re making games, you look for those water cooler moments. The bizarre collections of random events in a game which made for a great war story.

As we both played the prototype in our respective offices, texts started to fly between us with shaggy dog stories of great battles, close shaves and near misses. If we had a water cooler at ISG (or even an office) – it would have been a very busy place. We were excited.

We even sent Mike skydiving to report back on how it felt to control a parachute in real life. Felt great! Made us realize quite how much say over where it goes you actually have which has been reflected in the game.

October – Art Drop Time

A man can develop in coder art for only so long. With October, so came the art.

We’ve worked on and off with our artist friend Tony for years. He’s a games industry veteran who cut his teeth making 8 and 16bit graphics when it was state of the art rather than an imposed limitation. This guy’s the real deal.

Tony’s a fan of the genre that Wing Kings sits in too, having played many of the same inspirational titles we did back in the day. Games like Wings of Fury, Sky Strike, Jet Strike, and more recently Glory Days on DS.

His style is somewhere between industrial and cute. Metal Slug meets Speed Ball 2. When the art delivery came (in glorious HD ready for the PS4 version) we resized it, dropped it in, and as you’ll see from the follwing video – its starting to look pretty cool!

Tony decided to use a technique where the plane was modeled in 3D, rotated to create the animation frames, then painstakingly touched up with hand painted pixels until it looked perfect. We love how it looks and we reckon you will too.

November – Death to all but Metal

Sure enough, as promised, November saw the arrival of the music we’d commissioned.

You ever listen to Iron Maiden? Specifically Aces High? That’s what we were after. Our exquisite circa 1995 32-bit pixel artwork needed to sit on top of music that took elements from 90’s metal, Iron Maiden, but with a unique proggy / modern slant.

Kevin ‘Kevvy Metal’ Black (bassist from Laeto, Fat Goth) and his producer Ross Middlemiss are based in Dundee. These two are so metal, they can make pink spandex look good. So metal they piss Mercury. Tasked with writing us several battle loops, a main theme and some stings – those boys have delivered admirably. In fact, their music is so perfectly brutal I just listened to a 10 second snippet of it and my palms are now covered in coarse black hairs.

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the tunes

We also had our yearly ISG meeting in November. Now, to the casual observer, it may have appeared as if we just sat on the sofa for 24 hours eating donuts and watching movies. Indeed, that’s exactly what we did do. It’s important as a team to just let your hair down sometimes and chill. You don’t want all your memories of the best years of your life being just working. Trust me.

December – Tweaks, iteration and polishing hooks.

As the nights began to draw in, we had the guts of what would be Wing Kings, and it was now we were able to pinpoint what was fun, what wasn’t working, and what new ideas could be incorporated.

Playing the game solid for a month led us to find what would become one of the riskiest but most rewarding game-play hook in Wing Kings – the aerial steal.

We noticed that when you eject from your plane, those moments before your parachute deploys, quite often you’d fall past an enemy plane. It came to us in a flash:

‘Dude, we so need to rip the pilot out of that plane and have your guy steal it mid-air’

We implemented, tried it… and we saw that it was rad.

The tweaks and ideas kept coming. While drifting down on the parachute, we thought ‘hey, why don’t we give our player a gun here? No, not a gun, a big fat hand cannon. That way they can blast away any planes or troops that pose a threat on the way down. It’ll be fun!’ So now, after ejecting, you can fire in any direction you want as you descend. One word of advice though; don’t shoot your own parachute. That gets kinda messy. But ‘As long as it’s fun, it’s fine?’ right?

Wing Kings continues to be developed independently by Infinite State Games. They are currently investigating online multiplayer modes and tweaking missions until they’re so much fun they should be illegal.

Wing Kings is due for release mid-2016 on PSVita, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Article on GameDevTutsPlus

We wrote an article for GameDevTutsPlus.  It’s all about what we learned making Avoid Droid.

Please give it a read!


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Vote Frutorious at TIGA 2012!

We need to make the shortlist in these TIGA awards so bad.  It’d be amazing to be nominated as it’d really help give Frutorious and our teeny tiny games company the help we need to make better stuff for everyone!

We’re up for short listing in two categories, ‘Casual’ (small studio) and ‘Audio Design’ (small studio)

Here’s why you should vote for us in these categories…

CASUAL : (Small Studio)

Described by some as ‘Angry Birds meets Rainbow Islands’ – Frutorious is a flicky, bouncey platform game that sits along-side its AppStore casual companions with its head held high, despite having a budget of pretty much zero. (About £6 on plasticine and felt!)

It’s a visually striking game with a charming art style made completely of plasticine and felt, including an introduction story showcasing hand painted artwork.

With a simple and intuitive ‘pull-back and ping’ style slingshot controls and a multiple rewards for each level, Frutorious is designed so that people of all ages and abilities can have fun and find their own level of challenge.

It offers a fun and original casual gameplay experience in the main game, and as an aside also features a game mode for those players who want the basic challenge elements in the game condensed into an uber-casual 8-bit style endless arcade mode – Frutorious Pro

It has been featured on Indiegames.com, and was also chosen as one of the ‘three apps worth downloading’ on Appolicious.

We have loads of happy players who have given us over 30 five star reviews on the AppStore!

We believe Frutorious should be nominated for best casual game from a small studio because we’ve worked really hard with very little resources to make a game that everyone can enjoy: male or female, young or old, busy or bored. It also is embued with a particularly eccentric quirkiness that makes it feel distinctly British.

It is cheap as chips 69p/99c  to download, and it also features a huge amount of extra level content expandable via I.A.P.

AUDIO DESIGN (Small Studio)

We concentrated on making pure, joyful and catchy music to compliment our game.  We feel that the sound track is unique in its video-game inspired interpretation of funk and dub, proudly wearing its roots on its sleeve while perfectly complimenting the game-play and artistic aesthetic.

The Frutorious title theme harks back to 16 bit days of blue sky gaming, reminiscent of the soul of much loved arcade and home console games of the 90’s.

The in-game level music is a collection of synthy, videogame inspired dub and funk tracks, and we even created an acoustic version of the title theme which plays during the certain parts of the game.

From banging 8-bit anthems, through toe tapping but sinister dubstep, all the way to soulful acoustic guitar melodies… Frutorious is a musical delight.  The sound effects perfectly compliment both the music and the game-play, consisting of a mixture of live recordings and synthesised noises… all coming together to create a sound that just ‘is video games’.  

We also have the voice of up-coming UK rapper ‘ChetMega’ providing the in-game announcements by ‘Frutorious F.I.G.’ which amplifies the game-play thrill of achieving huge scores.

You can listen to the Frutorious official sound track here –  http://soundcloud.com/swith-1/sets/frutorious-ost/ – we’re sure you’ll be humming our Frutorious main theme in no time 😉

You can nominate for us to be shortlisted here:


Again, please please do the right thing and drop us a vote, it’d be totally rad if we won something!


That’s a nice mug!

We got some stuff through from the Frutorious shop, and not only is the printing to a very high standard with excellent detail, but we can confirm that the product is made of super high quality material.  We’re really happy with our Frutorious merchandise.  Don’t take our word for it though, here’s our Creative Director, Barry Island, holding a Mr Fruts mug – Look at his little face!

frutorious mug
Frutorious Mug!

The Pedro ladies t-shirt is pretty cute too and sure to be a must-have cult item of clothing!

Frutorious Pedro T Shirt
Pedro T-Shirt

So get in on the action quick before everyone has one!  Get yourself some Frutorious merchandise HERE and show the world how much you love collecting fruits…


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Level design relaxation and inspiration

Deep in the design labs at Infinite State Games, experimental things are happening. Levels weird and wonderful are being conceived in their bucket loads and many discoveries are being made.

However it’s tiring work making bouncey pachinko-y, plaform game levels! So, this afternoon in order to get a fresh perspective on the joys of fruit, we sought inspiration at an art gallery.

In a flash of brilliance, inspiration came.

The fruts must come to you…