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Beta Build Footage

With the release of Frutorious about a month away, we’re busy beavering away at it, fixing bugs, slickening up things and generally polishing knobs.

Here’s a video of us playing three levels from the beta build of the game we thought you might enjoy seeing!

Frutorious, Games, Video

The Making Of: FRUTORIOUS!

Hey everybody!

You know, people often ask ‘hey, how did you make Frutorious’

Well wonder no more! For we’ve rounded up the entire Infinite State Games team and made an in-depth, fly on the wall style documentary feature called ‘The Making of: Frutorious’

It’s a fascinating, and at times harrowing glimpse into the work that goes into making an iPhone game.

We hope you enjoy it!

Frutorious, Games, iOS, Video

Announcing ‘Frutorious Pro’ – our 80’s arcade inspired endless mode!

So while we’re putting the finishing touches to Frutorious, we thought we’d give everyone who downloads Frutorious one last little gameplay gift – an 80’s arcade game inspired endless mode!

It’s a timed race from checkpoint to checkpoint in which you’ll aim to get top of the score board!

Here’s a sneaky peaky video…

It’s not much to look at, but it’s crazy addictive.

What this also means, is as we’ve got to the stage where we’re indulging our silly retro whims like this, we must be getting closer to getting the game out!

Frutorious, Games, Video

Some alpha build play-through videos for Frutorious

We’ve just recorded a couple of play-through videos of two of the 108 levels in Frutorious.

We’re still at alpha, so all graphics and gameplay are subject to change but on the whole we’re pretty much there now.

Firstly, here’s a level set in Summer…

Second, here’s a level in Winter.  It’s slightly more difficult with a smattering of enemies in for good measure…

p.s. if you’re wondering what that bit of metal is on the bottom of the screen, that’s a saucepan we had the camera perched on. High tech, innit!