Rogue Aces: Meet The Enemy

What ho, my old fruities! Now look here, I’ve got some intel on the enemy forces you’ll be taking on in Rogue Aces. So pay attention, pilot!   AERIAL FOES  B101 Fury Wasp – Slow turns, small engines weak guns.  B102 Angry Squirrel – better fire power, slow speed. B103 Sparrowhawk – highly agile fighter  B104 SkyTiger – […]

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Norwich Games Fest Report

A month or so ago now, Charlie and Mike from the most prestigious ISG went up to Norwich to show Wing Kings at the Games Festival. Smooth drive up, stopping only to get a pair of Olympic Breakfasts from the Little Chef. An early start, dragging the high score board through Norwich town centre at […]

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Avoid Droid Vita progress report

So, a month or so in from switching development from iOS to VIta!  Time for a progress report isn’t it. Well, we’re doing GREAT!  We’ve got the game running, we’ve got all three controls schemes in (touch, tilt and control pads) and we’re just putting in the audio. Assets-wise, we’re 90% there.  We have all […]

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Dare was good!  We spent the first day exhibiting, the second day mostly milling around the excellent show, looking at everyone else’s games.  It was impossible not to! It was fantastic to watch people play both our games.  We must have had over 100 people play our games over the course of the weekend so […]