Nice run on DDMR – Arcade Mode

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is a game where you need to milk the scoring mechanic to get the high scores. Here’s us doing a run in Arcade Mode where we use all the techniques to get a big fat score! Watch out for: Letting the fruit build up to get a bigger chain and thus […]

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Wing Kings Dev Diary Part 1

At Infinite State Games we pride ourselves on being completely independent. No publishers, no stakeholders, no nothing. It’s literally just two guys with a home-made game engine working out of our respective kitchens, making the sort of games we want to play, with no-one to answer to. In November 2014, we released Don’t Die, Mr. […]

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Frutorious HD is OUT NOW!

We finally released Frutorious HD.  By accident.  Basically, we meant to release it this week but Mike pressed the GO button before he’d put the screenshots and videos up. No matter though, it’s an early go for an amazing update for our good old Frutorious! What’s even cooler is, if you had the original, you’ll […]

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Do Buy Mr. Robot! – Reviews Roundup.

So yeah! DDMR did ok!  People liked it!  Some people even bought it!  Here’s why you should too if you haven’t already… Here’s some of the great reviews we’ve been getting! We’re also looking pretty good on Metacritic –! YEAH! GO TEAM ISG!

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Frutorious HD – Gameplay Videos

Hello, chums! We’ve basically finished Frutorious HD for iOS.  2 years in the making, lots of work has gone into polishing the controls, feel, art and level design. It’s a complete revamping and perfecting of the original Frutorious concept.  We’re very proud of it. So we’ve got some gameplay videos for you to look at […]

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