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Nice run on DDMR – Arcade Mode

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is a game where you need to milk the scoring mechanic to get the high scores.

Here’s us doing a run in Arcade Mode where we use all the techniques to get a big fat score!

Watch out for:

  • Letting the fruit build up to get a bigger chain and thus a higher points multiplier
  • Using the spawning indicators to predict where the next wave of enemies will come from
  • Getting Danger Bonuses where possible
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Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! PS4 Press Release

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot – Bullet hell avoid ’em up for PS4 and PSVita (Cross-Buy)

Deep in the electro-abyss lives a little robot who loves to eat exploding fruit. He also quite likes staying alive. That’s where you come in…

The cult arcade favourite “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!” is coming to PlayStation 4 on 8th March in NA and EU.

We’ve pumped up the visuals to silky smooth 60fps and full HD. We’ve tweaked the banging electro soundtrack so it sounds super rad on a big screen.

We’ve massaged the controls to perfection, and we’ll be bathing your lap with neon glowy goodness emanating from the controller.

Plus, all the hot game modes that made the PSVita version a player’s favourite:

  • The brutally addictive Arcade Mode brings arcade glory into your living room with a compulsive death drop into the fruity electro-abyss.

  • The intense Score Attack mode that gives you two and a half minutes to push the scoring mechanism to its limits, or to die loads and do real badly. It’s up to you!

  • The misleadingly named Chill Out mode which is far from relaxing at all.

  • Remix mode which gives you 50 missions of mixed up rules and gameplay variations.

Each game mode shares leaderboards with the PSVita version so if you don’t manage to get top score at home, you can keep your streak by playing on the go!

There’s loads of other surprises in store too, so stick your headphones on, get your controller ready and dive head first into some good old fashioned arcadey bliss.





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Wing Kings Dev Diary Part 1

At Infinite State Games we pride ourselves on being completely independent. No publishers, no stakeholders, no nothing. It’s literally just two guys with a home-made game engine working out of our respective kitchens, making the sort of games we want to play, with no-one to answer to.


In November 2014, we released Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! on PSVita. It got some nice fat 8/10 scores and introduced a lot of people to the sort of games that we at ISG like to make: unapologetic, slightly unhinged, super fun, hardcore arcade games that require a bit of thought but not too much.

In this quick dev-diary, we’re gonna let you into the last 6 months of development on our next game; Wing Kings – due for release mid-2016 on PSVita and PS4 platforms.

July – The War Planning Committee

We’ve no shortage of games we want to make at ISG, so chucking ideas around at the initial planning phases is always an energizing process.

Looking through our big black book of secret game designs, we didn’t take long to agree that the next game should be one we’ve been planning for many years now. It would be a revisiting of the old 2D dog fighting games of our youth, but with modern game-play mechanics, rogue-like character development and procedurally generated landscapes. It would have to have replay value out the wazoo, a deep control scheme and gorgeous art.

We wanted the player to choose between a female or male protagonist. Charlie always likes to play as femme fatales in games, Mike always chooses a meat-head dude, so this way we both got to play as we like.

We also wanted to be conscious of the ethics of making a game based around war. Neither of us at ISG are fans of armed conflict in real life. Mike was raised by Quakers and is always casting his hippy eyes over everything to make sure it’s all morally kosher. But when you’re peppering enemies with a highly powered prop-plane mounted cannon, blasting them with rockets and pummeling their bases with bombs – there’s gonna be some violent depictions. We needed a rule. We needed internal guidelines. We came up with this:

As long as it’s fun, it’s fine.’

The fact is, there are many ways to dispatch enemies in Wing Kings. Not all of them pretty. What we do guarantee though is, it’s all great fun.

So with our joint vision clear, the time to make a new game arrived…

August – The Core Mechanic of Flight


Right at the core of Wing Kings is flying. If flying doesn’t feel right, the game ain’t gonna feel right.  So we didn’t mess about. At Infinite State Games we strongly believe that your core game mechanics need to be very tight: everything else is just icing on that cake. And as the son of an ex-RAF pilot and a huge fan of WW2 flight sims, Charlie wanted to get as much realism into the flight and damage models as possible, while still making it feel fun.

But neither of us are aeronautical engineers though, so it was over to the good people at MIT to provide some guidance:

September – Prototyping and Experimenting

September was the month we dropped the core game-play mechanics into our engine and started properly prototyping. Initially the focus was on getting taking off and landing right, getting the firing speed right, making the bombs and rockets feel exciting and ensuring the landscape generation routines didn’t make the world a horrid place to be.

We also started making the AI for our enemies. Making the enemy planes chase and attack the player in a pleasing way wasn’t too hard. Making them not want to smash into the sea or cliff edges took a little more persuasion.

The more we played, the more we realized that the fun of the game was not from specific instructions and rigid missions, but from breaking off and doing your own thing. When you’re making games, you look for those water cooler moments. The bizarre collections of random events in a game which made for a great war story.

As we both played the prototype in our respective offices, texts started to fly between us with shaggy dog stories of great battles, close shaves and near misses. If we had a water cooler at ISG (or even an office) – it would have been a very busy place. We were excited.

We even sent Mike skydiving to report back on how it felt to control a parachute in real life. Felt great! Made us realize quite how much say over where it goes you actually have which has been reflected in the game.

October – Art Drop Time

A man can develop in coder art for only so long. With October, so came the art.

We’ve worked on and off with our artist friend Tony for years. He’s a games industry veteran who cut his teeth making 8 and 16bit graphics when it was state of the art rather than an imposed limitation. This guy’s the real deal.

Tony’s a fan of the genre that Wing Kings sits in too, having played many of the same inspirational titles we did back in the day. Games like Wings of Fury, Sky Strike, Jet Strike, and more recently Glory Days on DS.

His style is somewhere between industrial and cute. Metal Slug meets Speed Ball 2. When the art delivery came (in glorious HD ready for the PS4 version) we resized it, dropped it in, and as you’ll see from the follwing video – its starting to look pretty cool!

Tony decided to use a technique where the plane was modeled in 3D, rotated to create the animation frames, then painstakingly touched up with hand painted pixels until it looked perfect. We love how it looks and we reckon you will too.

November – Death to all but Metal

Sure enough, as promised, November saw the arrival of the music we’d commissioned.

You ever listen to Iron Maiden? Specifically Aces High? That’s what we were after. Our exquisite circa 1995 32-bit pixel artwork needed to sit on top of music that took elements from 90’s metal, Iron Maiden, but with a unique proggy / modern slant.

Kevin ‘Kevvy Metal’ Black (bassist from Laeto, Fat Goth) and his producer Ross Middlemiss are based in Dundee. These two are so metal, they can make pink spandex look good. So metal they piss Mercury. Tasked with writing us several battle loops, a main theme and some stings – those boys have delivered admirably. In fact, their music is so perfectly brutal I just listened to a 10 second snippet of it and my palms are now covered in coarse black hairs.

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the tunes

We also had our yearly ISG meeting in November. Now, to the casual observer, it may have appeared as if we just sat on the sofa for 24 hours eating donuts and watching movies. Indeed, that’s exactly what we did do. It’s important as a team to just let your hair down sometimes and chill. You don’t want all your memories of the best years of your life being just working. Trust me.

December – Tweaks, iteration and polishing hooks.

As the nights began to draw in, we had the guts of what would be Wing Kings, and it was now we were able to pinpoint what was fun, what wasn’t working, and what new ideas could be incorporated.

Playing the game solid for a month led us to find what would become one of the riskiest but most rewarding game-play hook in Wing Kings – the aerial steal.

We noticed that when you eject from your plane, those moments before your parachute deploys, quite often you’d fall past an enemy plane. It came to us in a flash:

‘Dude, we so need to rip the pilot out of that plane and have your guy steal it mid-air’

We implemented, tried it… and we saw that it was rad.

The tweaks and ideas kept coming. While drifting down on the parachute, we thought ‘hey, why don’t we give our player a gun here? No, not a gun, a big fat hand cannon. That way they can blast away any planes or troops that pose a threat on the way down. It’ll be fun!’ So now, after ejecting, you can fire in any direction you want as you descend. One word of advice though; don’t shoot your own parachute. That gets kinda messy. But ‘As long as it’s fun, it’s fine?’ right?

Wing Kings continues to be developed independently by Infinite State Games. They are currently investigating online multiplayer modes and tweaking missions until they’re so much fun they should be illegal.

Wing Kings is due for release mid-2016 on PSVita, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Frutorious HD is OUT NOW!

We finally released Frutorious HD.  By accident.  Basically, we meant to release it this week but Mike pressed the GO button before he’d put the screenshots and videos up.

No matter though, it’s an early go for an amazing update for our good old Frutorious!

What’s even cooler is, if you had the original, you’ll get this update completely free!  We wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported us with the original release with this update and this was the easiest way to do that.

Here’s some screenshots to whet your appetite…

Download the HD version of Frutorious with all our tweaks, redesigns and improvements for your iPhone here!

You can find out more about Frutorious on our special page!

We’ll update the AppStore soon to have decent screenshots and video, but in the mean time get on the case and be one of the first to grab Frutorious HD!

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DDMR at Now Play This: WIN SOME FRUIT!

The cult hyper dodging fruit-em-up Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is going to be on display at the Now Play This exhibition this weekend in Somerset House, London.  We’re going to be showing Arcade Mode with a special prize: YOU CAN WIN SOME REAL FRUITS!

Now Play This ( is a new event about games and play, taking place in the New Wing at Somerset House in London, 4-6 September 2015.

Over the weekend it’ll be home to dozens of games and playful activities of all descriptions.

On Saturday 5th from 10am to 2pm, our game Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! will be on one of the rotating screens for you to play.  And we’re gonna have some fun because everyone can play to win… WIN SOME FRUIT, THAT IS!

That’s right!  If you step up and play Don’t Die this Saturday and get a high score in Arcade Mode you could be taking home a delicious, fresh piece of fruit for yourself, your friends or your family! *ONE PIECE OF FRUIT PER PERSON SEE DISCLAIMER


That’s right!  We’ve set some points targets for you to try and beat. Do a good job and you could be taking home a lovely bit of fruit bought that morning from New Covent Garden fruit market!

SCORE OVER 10,000 to win a GRAPE

Grapes.  Giver of wine, raisins and that weird purple stuff called grape juice but totally can’t be legit.  The grape is a humble but delightful chap, always able to refresh and entertain.

SCORE OVER 100,000 to win an APPLE

Since the garden of eden, the Apple has been in hot demand due to its pleasing colour and how fun they are to steal.  Regarded by many as the most transportable of fruits, a special nod must be given to the Apple for its ability to cry tears of cider when it is sad.

SCORE OVER 200,000 to win an ORANGE

Oranges, like blueberries and purplefucks, are named after what colour they are. They were invented in 1867 by King Henry VIII to refresh schoolboys playing football.

SCORE OVER 300,000 to win a BANANA

I quite like bananas so there might not actually be any on the day. Have a grape instead!  They’re ‘GRRRRRR-APE!’

SCORE OVER 400,000 to win a PINEAPPLE

The international symbol of welcoming, with its spiky exterior and furious leaves, the pineapple is a strange but sweet fruit.  It is not advised to look at one too long if you’ve eaten too many mushrooms. There’s a whole other world in there.

SCORE OVER 500,000 to win a WATERMELON

There’s no way anyone’s going to score over 500,000, mate.  Only three people in the world have ever done that.  But watermelons look so cool we’re sure just being in the presence of one will be enough to spur someone to reach this lofty score.


No doubt after all that fruit chat you’re bursting to come down and play our game and visit all the other exhibitors at Now Play This.

Well, you’ll need tickets first, but it’s cool they’re pretty cheap. Have a look on the Somerset House website here!

And if you’re looking for a little hint of what to expect from our game, here’s our arcade flier and the trailer…


See you there, chums!

DISCLAIMER: We might run out of fruit / forget to buy the fruit / not be allowed to give away fruit.  BYE!

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Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! goes on sale on the PlayStation Store

Hello, blog followers!  Today DDMR went on sale in the PlayStation store digital downloads reduction thingy.  It’s half price from today (15th April) to 28th April.  Only in the EU though so soz to Americhums etcs.

To mark the occasion, we put up a nice new game-play video which has some review quotes and a nice performance by Charlie in Chill-Out Mode.

And if you’ve just bought the game and have stumbled onto our blog, hello!  Alright?

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Do Buy Mr. Robot! – Reviews Roundup.

So yeah! DDMR did ok!  People liked it!  Some people even bought it!  Here’s why you should too if you haven’t already…
Here’s some of the great reviews we’ve been getting!
We’re also looking pretty good on Metacritic –
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Frutorious HD – Gameplay Videos

Hello, chums!

We’ve basically finished Frutorious HD for iOS.  2 years in the making, lots of work has gone into polishing the controls, feel, art and level design. It’s a complete revamping and perfecting of the original Frutorious concept.  We’re very proud of it.

So we’ve got some gameplay videos for you to look at if you’re into that sort of thing!

Here’s a playthrough of the first few levels.  The first 3 minutes of gameplay…

This is some levels from slightly later on in the game.  Things start to get a little more mind-bending here on in…

Here’s a level in one of the Winter seasons.  It’s wintery!

And here’s some gameplay video of Frutorious Pro – our endless mini-game free with Frutorious HD…

Frutorious HD will be out sometime in February 2015 on iOS devices.  Possibly PSVita some time afterwards.

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Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! releasing today on EU PSVita

Hello, chums.

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion not long after writing this post we discovered that the release date had been changed to 5th November.  Only a week later, and it means we’ll be on for a worldwide simultaneous release.  So sorry for the disappointment but it’ll work out for the best 🙂

Well today’s the day. Over a year of evenings and weekends working away at our game has finally come to an end; Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! (or DDMR as all the cool kids are calling it) is being released this afternoon on the PSN Store.

There’s been some reviews already!  All of them really praising the gameplay.  That’s the most important thing for us, that people have fun with it.  We’ve taken all the knowledge and experience in our combined years making games to tightly hone that stuff down to the most fun arcadey, addictive experience possible.  The overall score is sitting currently at about 7.5/10 which is cool.


Here’s some reviews so far…

There’s been a couple of Let’s Play videos recorded by people too!  That’s weird, seeing other people playing our game.  It’s hard to watch without shouting at the screen – don’t do that! stay away from the edge, man! let the fruit build up! … but super entertaining none the less.  This is our favourite…

Last weekend was great, we decided to have the official launch of the game in a low key but super awesome way at an independent game store in Bridgwater, Somerset called Insane Games (which incidentally has an absolutely breathtaking amount of games for sale for every console imaginable from SNES to PS4).  We thought it would be most in keeping with the development of DDMR if the launch was chaotic, simple and all about the fun. We recorded a bit of video too of people having fun with the game. It went down really well and everyone seemed to have a great time hanging out and playing the game. Behold:

So what are you gonna get for your £4.49? Well, quite a lot of game.

You’ll get a remix mode with 50 levels of mission based action.  These start quite easy, almost as a tutorial to how to play the game.  Soon however they become quite devious and demanding and proceed to bring some totally taxing action right into your skull.

There’s Arcade Mode with two high score tables; Pure and Normal.  As we’ve mentioned before, Pure mode is the real challenge.  No power ups, no help, no nothing.  Just you and the game.  We’ve also set a 500,000 point high score on there as a little first goal for people to try and beat.

Time Attack and Chill-Out are two very different modes, Time Attack is totally mental from the get go and only gets more hectic, but you can die as many times as you like.  Chill-Out sounds relaxing but it really isn’t; the enemies move really slowly but that means it doesn’t take long for the screen to completely fill with baddies.  Also, fruits are super rare.

Huge special shout-out to the special guest characters in the game, too.  Each of them make the game play completely differently.  We’ll leave you to discover the finer points what each of these characters do and how they play, but here’s a brief overview:

The Death Ray Manta: DRM fires lasers for a bit whenever he collects a fruit.  This turns the game into a bit of an arena shooter. The original game ‘Death Ray Manta’ is out on Windows, Mac and iOS and a sequel is currently in development for PSVita.

Dunjun Dude: Like the DRM, this guy from Forget-me-Not fires bullets when he collects a fruit, but he moves quite slowly.  He has an invincible key which follows him from behind which is a great shield for protecting you from enemies.  Super Forget-Me-Not is coming to PSVita sometime in the future and will be amazing.

Hoppy Bobby: this little fella bounces.  Like, all the time.  He leaves a trail of rainbows behind him as he does so.  When he’s in the air, he’s invulnerable to attack.  When he’s on the ground, not so much.  Hoppy Bobby is a creation of a man called Jayenkai – one of the most amazing and prolific developers we know of.  He actually, genuinely makes a game a week putting everyone we know to shame.  Hoppy Bobby is available on iOS, Android and Ouya platforms

Jimmy Dodger: He’s tiny with a small hit box and really quick. He’s the eponymous star of proto DDMR ‘Jimmy Dodger‘ by an old friend of ours, Matthew Downie.

Eggsy: Half man, half machine, what does it mean? It’s the cardboard and tin foil augmented robot from Welsh rappers ‘Goldie Lookin’ Chain‘.  Go and buy all their albums and go see them live, they’re amazing.  Here’s the music video where this robot made his majestic debut

All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone who’s helped us make the game and promote it.  All the people who believed we could make a fun game and all the people who never stopped encouraging us from the start right until the end. We are really, truly grateful for all the support our friends and family have been in testing, feedback, translating and encouraging us.

Also a massive debt of gratitude is owed to Alice Barber who provided us with her amazing VO talents.  You may recognise her voice from Llamasoft’s seminal TxK!  And a special big thanks to our pal Mr. Nahkhman who wrote us his own take on The Blue Danube for chill-out mode and also produced one of the in-game tunes with us. (the one with the guitars).  And finally a big hug and thanks to our pal G-Man who touched up our art, and to illustrator Kate Evans who created our splash screen illustration.

It’s definitely a fun game, but one where screenshots and videos don’t do it justice.  It has to be played to be fully appreciated.

Here’s our launch trailer if you’ve missed it:

So an exciting day ahead.  The store should update at around 4pm today for people to start buying it (hopefully). In the mean time, I guess we’ll just sit here biting our nails and hoping people will get to hear about it.  That, and generally not reading comments on YouTube videos!