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Frutorious Update – HOT Preview Information!

We’re working on an update for Frutorious!

No date yet for when it’s out, but it’s coming and we think you’ll be very happy indeed with what we’ve got lined up for you…


We know you’ll like what’s in the update, because all the tweaks have come from you guys!  We’ve had really great feedback from people who are enjoying the game, and they’ve suggested some excellent ideas which will improve the flow of the game for everyone.  Here’s the ideas and feedback we’ve had that we’re putting in the update…

  • You’ll be able to select between plasticine and retro look for Frutorious Pro
  • We’re putting in a ‘Rage Restart’ to Frutorious Pro
  • We’re adding a ‘Retry / Next’ option after the results tally
  • We’ll be adding all the ‘FRUTORIOUS SUPER CHUMS’ to the credits
  • Some sprinkling of extra magic here and there


There’ll be a whole new world with new baddies, new thingies and new 36 levels to download!  We’ve not finalised the art yet but here’s a sneak peak…

So we’ll have more info soon, but keep playing Frutorious Pro every day, strive to collect all the stars in the main game and we promise the time will fly by!

And don’t forget, every time you tell a friend about Frutorious, somewhere a tiny mushroom sprouts and a gnome has it for his dinner!




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What would you like to see from us next?

The Shepherd update is off, a Frutorious update is in the pipeline… and thoughts at Infinite State Games towers are beginning to turn to what’s next.

We’re not short of ideas.  Here at Infinite State Games, ideas is one thing we’re rolling in.  We’ve got masses of games we want to make and tonnes of original concepts bursting to get out…

As well as making games that we want to make for ourselves, it’s important for us to hear the opinions of our fans.  After all, it’s you guys that have helped us get this far.  So we’re opening a poll for you guys to show to us what you personally would like to see next from our studio 🙂

Here’s the choices…

We’ll close the poll in a couple of weeks.  We’re really looking forward to seeing what you think!