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Get in the credits of Frutorious in our next update!

Hey! Psst!  Wanna get your name in the credits for Frutorious in our first update?

Become a Frutorious Super Chum!

All you have to do is print off this poster, stick it somewhere awesome, legal and public (a shop window for instance), take a photo of you next to it… and send it to us!  Alternatively, share this on Facebook or Twitter and let us know.

Anyone who does it will be credited in our first update to Frutorious in the credits as a Frutorious SUPER CHUM!


Download the poster here  🙂

iTunes link to download Frutorious:

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Frutorious Submitted to AppStore!

Funny really how making of any game whether it’s a two year AAA game or a 6 month iPhone game always finishes with a press of a button…

… and last night, Charlie pressed our button that sends Frutorious onto the journey to the AppStore.

It’s a nice process they’ve got, all very exciting.  We think they missed a trick not having a drumroll while it’s uploading to Apple, and a bit fanfare and fireworks when this screen pops up…

So now all we have to do is wait between a week and two weeks for the ladies and gentlemen at Apple to make sure we haven’t made some horrible dirty willy bum-bum simulator or something.

We haven’t of course.  We’ve made a hybrid arcade puzzle platformer – and it’s now WAITING FOR REVIEW!

We’ll bring you more news soon.  Fingers crossed Frutorious makes it through Apple Cert with no problems because like Dirty Den on a webcam chat,  we want to get it out as soon as possible.

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11th Hour Amusing Bug… GIANT F.I.G!

There’s always some funky bug that pops up in the 11th hour of making most games.  It’ll come as no surprise to find out that it’s Frutorious F.I.G. again being a nuisance!

This time, instead of just peeping up in the corner, he’s now decided to warp himself all over the background of our title screen.

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How we decided to price up Frutorious

As punters, we’re all experiencing first hand how the way we buy games is changing and it’s definitely an exciting time to be a consumer of games.  However, being on the other side of the coin is another story altogether.

Deciding how to earn money from your iPhone game is grim.  It feels like at the end of a game show when you’ve done all the hard work and answered all the right questions – but when it comes down to the final gamble, greed and tiny mistakes can make you lose that yacht.

Except we’re not after a yacht.  None of us can sail, nor have room for one.  We’re after our very own camper van.

So with our eyes on the prize, we went off and read loads of stuff on the internet about how to monetise apps.  Naturally there’s shovel-loads about it ranging from chicken bone prodding pseudo-science to fantastically detailed but terrifyingly complex analysis.

Some of it sank in, some of it didn’t.  Some of it still gives us nightmares.  Some of the words are horrible sounding like ‘stickiness’ and ‘monetisation’.  The sort of words you feel like a prat for reading, let alone using.

It’s the huge variety of solutions different industry faces suggest daily that gets confusing.  Just when you’ve decided on one method of earning money for your app, you read another blog suggesting you’d be a spanner to follow it.

There’s DLC, IAP, Freemium… we even tried a version with iAds to see what that would look like.

In fact it kinda bummed us out looking at the test advertisement in front of the felt and plasticine.  It was clear that we needed to come at this from a different angle.

Our brains crammed full of stats, charts and bullshit, we took a step back and thought:  ‘never-mind what’s best for other people, what do WE want out of our little game and what seems fair to us?’

We all put our heads together and sounded out ideas to each other and with friends. We came up with these three principals which seemed to make sense to us, and would guide us through our decision of how to earn money from Frutorious…

1) Make a game people will want to play, and will enjoy playing.

I guess the safest way to know what you’re doing will appeal to people is make it like something that they already like.  Some companies try and copy games that have already done well on the AppStore but attempt to monetise them more effectively.  Others mimic a pre-existing visual style of a pre-existing company or franchise in the hope that people will be drawn to it through familiarity.

We’ve taken a bit of a gamble in that it’s an original game idea. (as far as we know there aren’t any other slingshot platform games – but I’m sure someone somewhere has made one!) Also, it doesn’t really look like anything else up there on the AppStore.  There’s the whole felt and plasticine thing coupled with the anarchic surrealism and joyfulness.  We’ve definitely put our heart and soul into making a game people will want to play and enjoy playing.  Our friends and testers have fun with it, we’re still playing it all the time… so even though it’s fairly unfamiliar gaming territory, we’re pretty sure folk out there will like it too.

2) Get as many people to download it as possible

Now here’s where it starts to get tough.  Our previous games haven’t shifted that many units.  Certainly not a campervan’s worth anyway.

This time, we’ve tried to be a lot more open and chatty about what we’re doing.  We’ve been using our website to blog our progress, and using Facebook and Twitter as not only a way to tell people what we’re doing, but to get feedback and find out what it is that we’re doing that people want to see more of.

We’ve also tried to get the word out there in magazines, and it’s been really cool having our videos on PocketGamer and AppSpy, along with GameRevolution and GameSpot hosting our trailers.  We’ve also noticed a few mentions in the Chinese press!

On the whole we’ve found some websites are more open to us than others, and the best publicity has been through friends on Facebook sharing our links.  They like the stuff that’s funny and silly.

The only other way to get as many people to play it as possible is to make it free.

In all those articles we were reading, we’re sure we read something like ‘a free game is 10 times more likely to be downloaded than one that costs money’.  That’s why we decided to essentially create a full featured game which would be free to download.

This way, we get to give people a really nice package for free with loads of fun to be had in it – that properly comes into its own when all the content has been unlocked through the I.A.P. which brings us nicely on to…

3) Let people buy as much of the game as they want.

So after getting a nice wodge of game for free, our customers will hopefully be pumped to find out that by spending mere pocket change, Frutorious can be expanded upon to become a veritable video-gaming banquet for the price of a couple of packets of crisps!

There are two extra level packs which will each sell for Tier 1 price (69p in the UK).

The two level packs each contain 36 longer and more challenging levels than encountered previously, and are split into ‘Year 2‘ and ‘Year 3‘ packs.  Year 2 is our ‘Tricky‘ pack, Year 3 is our ‘Dastardly‘ pack. Buying both packs will bring the total number of levels in the game to 108 (twice that if you include the free ‘mirror mode’)

If folk are still having fun ploughing on through the free levels and maybe need some power-ups to help out, they can buy a pack of 500 play coins for Tier 1 price.  This is enough for 50 plays on Frutorious Pro, or lots and lots of handy power-ups to help mop up those last stars needed to unlock the next season.  This isn’t paying to cheat, though. Players can earn these play coins through normal game-play without spending a penny, and we even start the player off with 50.

There’s also the endless arcade mode ‘Frutorious Pro‘ which can be set to Freeplay (no longer costing play coins to use).  This will cost 69p to unlock as it really is a game in itself.  The implementation of GameCentre leaderboards has made for some very hot competition between us and the test team and we can’t wait for people to get their teeth into this mode in the wild.

To unlock everything in the game; that’s both the year level packs and Frutorious Pro Freeplay; people can buy the Frutorious Key for Tier 3 price (£1.49 here in the UK.)   This is the thing that we really want people to buy, because then they get the best value for money for the content.

Why didn’t we sell the game for £1.49 in the first place? Well, because this way more people will ultimately get to play it and we’re massive hippies at heart so that pleases us.  Also, when we were nippers, a game used to cost £1.99 and we think 50p cheaper is an absolute bargain in itself and a fair price for everyone.

Now, we’re submitting Frutorious this weekend, so with the wind behind us and a bit of luck, we’ll be on the AppStore by the middle of September.  Then fingers crossed and who knows… we might one day afford that camper van!

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Frutorious: Gameplay Trailer!

We’ve made our third and final pre-launch video. Three videos, eh!  That’s a lot of videos isn’t it?! Well it’s more than usual, but then this is an unusual game.  We realised that it needed that little extra push to get into people’s hearts and minds that one prod wouldn’t do, what we needed was an opening pre-launch triumvirate salvo of three very different videos.

Let’s talk about our three pronged trailer attack – our ‘Shonk and Awe’ publicity plan!

How do you solve a problem like Frutorious?

Firstly, the game has a light-hearted feel to it and a quirky vibe which is hard to describe in words, especially when you’re so involved in the game. That’s why we felt the best introduction to the game would be our first trailer ‘The Making Of: Frutorious.’ We wanted to get across the fact that we’re a focussed, passionate team who at the same time aren’t taking ourselves very seriously.  We also wanted to approach the ‘making of’ documentary structure with a much more playful style.

Secondly; the mix of felt, plasticine and hand drawn art is something we’re very very proud of, so we definitely want to show it off as much as possible!  That’s why our second trailer ‘Frutorious: Story Trailer’  focussed on the hand-drawn elements and set up the back-story for the game.

Thirdly, the concept of a sling-shot platform game with fruit, arcade elements, pinball, golf and 90’s Hip-Hop puns doesn’t translate well without just showing video of it being played.  The more video of people actually playing the game we can get out, the easier it is for people to understand what the game is about, which brings us here today with the third video  ‘Frutorious: Gameplay Trailer’.

As well as showing people what the game is like to play, it also showcases the sort of variety in visuals and gameplay that we’ve got going on.  We hope it gets about and people see it!

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Frutorious: Update on progress & reflections

Hello! We thought we’d give you an update on the progress of Frutorious.

Well, we’ve just sent out our penultimate build for testing. Everything is in the game now apart from the tutorial and any last tiny bugs we might catch – which means we’re weeks away now from submitting the game to the AppStore.

We can’t even begin to describe how much fun it’s been to make Frutorious: we can all agree we’ve put our heart and soul into bringing it out, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.

Being only weeks away now until we can finally get it out into the wild and in the hands of gamers, we’ve had time to reflect about the development process: what made it fun, and what made it tricky.

Every member of Infinite State Games lives in almost opposite ends of the country, which means during the entire development, neither of us has seen each other in person once!  However with some late night texts, goofy but life-affirming impromptu Google + video calls and the wonders of DropBox our physical distance never became an issue for us. We always felt deeply connected to each other and the game.  Most evenings one of us would get a text from another with something along the lines of ‘Dude, let’s put a beard on the sprite in Pro!’ or ‘Dude, let’s put in a ropey looking owl that goes for you if you get too close!’ or similar surreal proposition.

Charlie was never one to avoid a wank joke

When it came to making the levels, we were lucky in that Charlie had written an absolutely brilliant in-game level editor in which we could place objects, test it all out, then dump it over as an email to be put into the game.  It took two of us about 2 months to make all 108 levels in the end.  Of course, the best bit about having the editor on our phones was the fact that we could make levels ANYWHERE!

We made levels on beaches, in fields, on hills, trains and on park benches.  We’ve made levels in Dundee, Glasgow, Somerset, London, Wales and in Newcastle. We made a level during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. We made a level over the Jubilee concert (we stopped for Tom Jones, mind you.) We even made a level on top of Glastonbury Tor in the off-chance that it was blessed with ancient druid magic (and between you and me, I think that worked.)

When the levels were done to our satisfaction, we asked a team of hand-picked wonder testers play through all the levels in a random order, rating each one for fun and difficulty.  This way, we got told which were the levels that needed improving on, and also an idea of what our difficulty curve should be like. This worked EXCEEDINGLY well, and within minutes of having all the results in, we had a game in a sense of order. A few tweaks here and there, and suddenly we had our ‘GOODNESS GRACIOUS; ITS A GAME!’ moment.

Now, with the last morsels on the task list approaching sign-off, submission to the AppStore is imminent.  Then… well it’s fingers crossed we’ve got the word out to enough people. All said and done, we just want people to play it and smile; that’s when our job is complete. One thing we can say for certain, we are all going to miss working on this one, and we think how much fun we had making this really shows in the soul of the game itself – and that’s something that you just can’t buy.

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Frutorious Press Release!

BOING! Coming September 2012… something refreshingly new on the AppStore. It’s a bit pinball, it’s a bit platformer, it’s a bit ropey! It’s the 100% hand-made arcade puzzle sling-shot platform game FRUTORIOUS!

Infinite State Games have taken some plasticine, some felt and a whole lot of soul and have fashioned together a brand new game to download on the AppStore for iPhone and iPod touch.

An evil skull called Pedro has turned all of Mr Fruts’s friends into FRUITS! Don’t worry though, because Mr Fruts and his best friend Frutorious F.I.G. is off to get them back.

Guide Mr Fruts back to Mrs Fruts using an intuitive slingshot control scheme while turning as many fruits back into fluffs as possible… but be quick! Pedro the skull is always waiting to get up in your grill. And that’s not all, there’s a whole heap of other baddies like owls, blockboys, keith the pumpkin and the FRUT-THIEF!

We think you’ll love our quick fire levels over a four hand-crafted seasons set to a dub and g-funk soundtrack, and the voice of Frutorious F.I.G. provided by UK Hip hop artist ‘ChetMega’.

It’s RECESSION FRIENDLY! On release the game will be free to download and packed to the brim of fun things to do without having to spend any money…

There’ll be 36 levels ranging from wonderfully simple and satisfying to exhilaratingly manic. You’ll also be able to use coins earned through play to buy helpful power ups or enjoy our super-hardcore 80’s arcade style ‘Frutorious Pro’ mode – a timed checkpoint reaching endless ping’em up!

There’s GameCenter leaderboards for Frutorious Pro and the main game, along with a stack of fun, daft and tricky achievements.

You’ll be able to expand on the generous free game later on by unlocking Frutorious Pro on Freeplay to enjoy any time you like, as well as be able to purchase two extra packs of 36 levels each which should satisfy even the most hard-core of Frutorious addicts .

You’ll even be able to purchase the FRUTORIOUS KEY which unlocks all the extra levels (giving you 108 unique levels) AND Frutorious Pro Freeplay for you to enjoy at a discounted price! AAAH YEEAAA!

Teaser trailer here:

Making Of Documentary here:

About Infinite State Games

We’re a team of friends who met in the games industry and despite moving jobs and careers, stayed working together. Sharing a mutual passion of video games, we combined our industry-honed talents plus a huge dollop of our unfettered imaginations to make games for everyone and anyone.

Find out more at

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CLICK HERE to download this press release in .doc format along with a press pack of screenshots and other media

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Beta Build Footage

With the release of Frutorious about a month away, we’re busy beavering away at it, fixing bugs, slickening up things and generally polishing knobs.

Here’s a video of us playing three levels from the beta build of the game we thought you might enjoy seeing!