Get in the credits of Frutorious in our next update!

Hey! Psst!  Wanna get your name in the credits for Frutorious in our first update? Become a Frutorious Super Chum! All you have to do is print off this poster, stick it somewhere awesome, legal and public (a shop window for instance), take a photo of you next to it… and send it to us! […]

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Frutorious Submitted to AppStore!

Funny really how making of any game whether it’s a two year AAA game or a 6 month iPhone game always finishes with a press of a button… … and last night, Charlie pressed our button that sends Frutorious onto the journey to the AppStore. It’s a nice process they’ve got, all very exciting.  We […]

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Frutorious: Gameplay Trailer!

We’ve made our third and final pre-launch video. Three videos, eh!  That’s a lot of videos isn’t it?! Well it’s more than usual, but then this is an unusual game.  We realised that it needed that little extra push to get into people’s hearts and minds that one prod wouldn’t do, what we needed was […]

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Frutorious Press Release!

BOING! Coming September 2012… something refreshingly new on the AppStore. It’s a bit pinball, it’s a bit platformer, it’s a bit ropey! It’s the 100% hand-made arcade puzzle sling-shot platform game FRUTORIOUS! Infinite State Games have taken some plasticine, some felt and a whole lot of soul and have fashioned together a brand new game […]

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Beta Build Footage

With the release of Frutorious about a month away, we’re busy beavering away at it, fixing bugs, slickening up things and generally polishing knobs. Here’s a video of us playing three levels from the beta build of the game we thought you might enjoy seeing!

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