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Help us name our enormous update!

Hey dudes!  Hey, remember in September we had a poll about what should be the first fruts in the DLC?  Yeah we’d forgotten all about that too.  Well we totally just remembered!


So we had a tie between Pineapple and Watermelon.  Two fruts which you might think we’d put in to the initial release.  Well we’re not animals, you don’t spunk all your good stuff at once do you. So we are proud to announce, representing the more tropical of fruits, we will now have a watermelon and a pineapple in the fruits you can collect in the coming update…










Now, one of the last teensy things to do is to name this update and we thought we’d turn to you guys.

We need a name for our update pack of levels.  We’ve got two names we need you to help us choose from…


“Mars Needs Fruts”

You can vote on Facebook here

Cheers m’dears!

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Frutorious Press Release!

BOING! Coming September 2012… something refreshingly new on the AppStore. It’s a bit pinball, it’s a bit platformer, it’s a bit ropey! It’s the 100% hand-made arcade puzzle sling-shot platform game FRUTORIOUS!

Infinite State Games have taken some plasticine, some felt and a whole lot of soul and have fashioned together a brand new game to download on the AppStore for iPhone and iPod touch.

An evil skull called Pedro has turned all of Mr Fruts’s friends into FRUITS! Don’t worry though, because Mr Fruts and his best friend Frutorious F.I.G. is off to get them back.

Guide Mr Fruts back to Mrs Fruts using an intuitive slingshot control scheme while turning as many fruits back into fluffs as possible… but be quick! Pedro the skull is always waiting to get up in your grill. And that’s not all, there’s a whole heap of other baddies like owls, blockboys, keith the pumpkin and the FRUT-THIEF!

We think you’ll love our quick fire levels over a four hand-crafted seasons set to a dub and g-funk soundtrack, and the voice of Frutorious F.I.G. provided by UK Hip hop artist ‘ChetMega’.

It’s RECESSION FRIENDLY! On release the game will be free to download and packed to the brim of fun things to do without having to spend any money…

There’ll be 36 levels ranging from wonderfully simple and satisfying to exhilaratingly manic. You’ll also be able to use coins earned through play to buy helpful power ups or enjoy our super-hardcore 80’s arcade style ‘Frutorious Pro’ mode – a timed checkpoint reaching endless ping’em up!

There’s GameCenter leaderboards for Frutorious Pro and the main game, along with a stack of fun, daft and tricky achievements.

You’ll be able to expand on the generous free game later on by unlocking Frutorious Pro on Freeplay to enjoy any time you like, as well as be able to purchase two extra packs of 36 levels each which should satisfy even the most hard-core of Frutorious addicts .

You’ll even be able to purchase the FRUTORIOUS KEY which unlocks all the extra levels (giving you 108 unique levels) AND Frutorious Pro Freeplay for you to enjoy at a discounted price! AAAH YEEAAA!

Teaser trailer here:

Making Of Documentary here:

About Infinite State Games

We’re a team of friends who met in the games industry and despite moving jobs and careers, stayed working together. Sharing a mutual passion of video games, we combined our industry-honed talents plus a huge dollop of our unfettered imaginations to make games for everyone and anyone.

Find out more at

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CLICK HERE to download this press release in .doc format along with a press pack of screenshots and other media

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Some alpha build play-through videos for Frutorious

We’ve just recorded a couple of play-through videos of two of the 108 levels in Frutorious.

We’re still at alpha, so all graphics and gameplay are subject to change but on the whole we’re pretty much there now.

Firstly, here’s a level set in Summer…

Second, here’s a level in Winter.  It’s slightly more difficult with a smattering of enemies in for good measure…

p.s. if you’re wondering what that bit of metal is on the bottom of the screen, that’s a saucepan we had the camera perched on. High tech, innit!

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Frutorious on Facebook!

We’ve just set up the Frutorious page on Facebook!

What does that mean? Well you can ‘like’ it on Facebook and get all the latest Frutorious information!

There’ll also be competitions, announcements and special offers so LIKE IT LIKE IT’S HOT!

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Testing begins…

Initial testing has began on Frutorious. Our brave pioneer tester RiK is specially trained for dangerous situations and was therefore the obvious choice for this sort of extreme early testing.

He sent us this photo from the front-line. Lookin’ good, Mr. Fruts!