Wing Kings Brand New Screenshot Blitz!

Wing Kings (working title) is coming along VERY nicely indeed.  We have in our hands solid proof that an arcade aerial combat roguelike is insanely fun.  But don’t worry, it’ll be in your hands in Q1 2017!  Here are some new screenshots of a prop-plane blowing things up 😉 Some little fellas here running away […]

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Some Mr. Fruits HD videos

Here’s some gameplay videos we took today of Mr. Fruits! The sound is a bit out of sync in the video, but it’s cool, it doesn’t sound like that in real life. Oh! Don’t forget to set your youtubes to HD or you’ll not feel the benefit of the freshly cut out, high definition photos […]

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Frutorious: Gameplay Trailer!

We’ve made our third and final pre-launch video. Three videos, eh!  That’s a lot of videos isn’t it?! Well it’s more than usual, but then this is an unusual game.  We realised that it needed that little extra push to get into people’s hearts and minds that one prod wouldn’t do, what we needed was […]

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Beta Build Footage

With the release of Frutorious about a month away, we’re busy beavering away at it, fixing bugs, slickening up things and generally polishing knobs. Here’s a video of us playing three levels from the beta build of the game we thought you might enjoy seeing!

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The Making Of: FRUTORIOUS!

Hey everybody! You know, people often ask ‘hey, how did you make Frutorious’ Well wonder no more! For we’ve rounded up the entire Infinite State Games team and made an in-depth, fly on the wall style documentary feature called ‘The Making of: Frutorious’ It’s a fascinating, and at times harrowing glimpse into the work that […]

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