Horatio Goes Snowboarding v1.0 is out!

20/9/21Infinite State Games HQhttp://www.infinitestategames.com Horatio Goes SnowboardingSteam Launch press release Snowboard or die! Infinite State Games (creators of Don’t Die, Mr Robot!, Rogue Aces, Family Tree) are proud to announce the official launch of ‘Horatio Goes Snowboarding’. Hire a board, get to the chopper, hit the slopes, rinse and repeat! It’s a score attack game […]

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Avoid Droid audio tests

The audio is in! Yep, that was our final bit of the iOS conversion. We’re now on putting in little smidgey thingies like the shop and the leaderboards and the menus. In other words, we’re now on the final hurdle! But no feature can be signed off as finished at ISG without rigorous testing. So […]

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