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Working on the last few levels of Frutorious

The first phase of the level design on Frutorious is nearly complete! We’re just crafting the last few of the levels now before putting it into test.

We’re working on the later levels at the moment. They’re a mixture of crazy, tricky and frantic ones, and we’re really looking forward to taking them on to our next phase of design – getting the levels into the hands of testers so we can refine them to PEAR-FECTION! (oh-ho!)

In the mean time, here’s some new screen shots of the in-progress levels being design.  We’ve also given the art a fair bit of tweaking which you can see in the lovely felt trees!

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New addition to Team Frutorious!

Yes yes yes!  We are very proud indeed to announce that we have a new member of Infinite State Games!

Say a big hello to our new Senior Level Designer and Expert Fungineer… Neon Hearts!

Senior Level Designer ‘Neon Hearts’

Neon Hearts has worked on some of Britain’s finest videogames made in the last 5 years, and we’re very lucky indeed to have someone of his calibre join our team.

Not as lucky as you guys though!  There’s one thing that Neon Hearts does better than most and that’s make amazingly fun levels.