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The Frutorious Official Soundtrack

Music is a very important part of the development process for us at Infinite State games. We always start our games at Infinite State Games by writing the theme tune.

It sounds like a curious place to start, but after we’ve thrown ideas around so that we have a nebulous concept of the game we want to make, we next go off and write the title screen music.

Herbert Spencer said ‘Music must take rank as the highest of fine arts – as the one which, more than any other, ministers to the human spirit’ – and we think that as much as concept art can spark the imagination into concepts and ideas, music is the best medium to get across an initial ‘feel’ for a game.

It’s not all that crazy, Spielberg always likes to start with a poster for his blockbuster movies. Whatever works for you is whatever’s best, and we find music is a great way to impart the proposed vibe of a game.

Today, we put the finishing touches on the Frutorious soundtrack. It’s a whimsical mixture of dub, g-funk, 8-bit cheese and folk music – and here it is presented in glorious stereophonic sound for your listening delectation!

Pop on your headphones or enjoy from any speaker to achieve a sense of mischief and merriment inspired by the music from Frutorious

Frutorious, Pedro-spotting

Pedro in the wild!

Frutorious’s evil meanie skull ‘Pedro’ gets about a bit!  Probably off looking for people to turn into FRUTS.

Keen eyed testers have sent us these photos of Pedro that they’ve seen IN REAL LIFE.

This Pedro was spotted in Glastonbury.  He looks happy but don’t trust him; he’ll turn you into a grape!

This Pedro was found in Surrey in the curtains in a pub toilet.  Don’t know what’s more mysterious here, Pedro disguising himself as a cup of tea or the fact that there’s a pub which has net curtains in the toilet.

If you’ve seen any photos of Pedro while you’re out and about, post them in the comments section…

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Shop Frutorious!

Because we’ve been getting so much positive feedback for the characters in Frutorious, we’ve opened up a Cafepress shop where you can get fun products with our characters on! shop

There’s three designs on there already… Mr Fruts, Frutorious FIG and Pedro, but we’ll soon have more.

So come along and have a look! If there’s any designs or products you’d like to see just tell us in the comments and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you.