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We’re making a new game! (Adventurus Arithmetica)

Hello, chums!

So, for the last couple of months, Charlie has been coding and designing the prototype for our next game and it’s now at a state where we can show it to you guys.

Starting a new game is a fantastic time where the team can share the birthing process of an idea, and as it grows each of us can find ways we can use our unique skills to make it the best game possible.

So what sort of game is it! Well, it’s what we’d call a mental arithmetic adventure RPG.


Travelling through distant lands you will meet monstrous creatures which you’ll battle using your powers of fast mental arithmetic as they pose you increasingly demanding maths problems.

What we’ve got right now is a vertical slice which show-cases the combat, navigation, animation and random map generation.  Let’s have a look at a video of the most recent prototype:

There’s a loooooooooooooong way to go now until we’ve got a completed concept, let alone the finished game. We still need to prototype quests, treasure chests, boss fights… along with any other features we choose to add to make the game play experience better.

The place-holder art you can see in the video will be replaced by the hand-drawn work of an illustrator (who we will tell you more about soon).

The music is in the process of being researched. Barry is up ’till the wee small hours every night researching medieval music to bring you a hint of authenticity in his own inimitable style.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the video and continue to follow the development of our game as it takes shape!

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Working on the last few levels of Frutorious

The first phase of the level design on Frutorious is nearly complete! We’re just crafting the last few of the levels now before putting it into test.

We’re working on the later levels at the moment. They’re a mixture of crazy, tricky and frantic ones, and we’re really looking forward to taking them on to our next phase of design – getting the levels into the hands of testers so we can refine them to PEAR-FECTION! (oh-ho!)

In the mean time, here’s some new screen shots of the in-progress levels being design.  We’ve also given the art a fair bit of tweaking which you can see in the lovely felt trees!