Rogue Aces

Rogue Aces is a 2D air combat dogfight roguelike for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PSVita

3 planes left in your whole squadron, and you’re the only pilot.

Just pop out and win a war for us would you, old chap?


In Rogue Aces for XBox One, PS4 and PSVita, you’ll battle for air, sea and ground supremacy while gradually upgrading your precious aircraft’s stats.


Rogue Aces is about hot acrobatic dogfights, heroic mid-air plane-jacking, sweet fully destructible buildings and different-every-game procedural landscape and mission generation shizzle.

Just don’t leave it too late to deploy that parachute,cowboy.

With music by Kevin ‘Kevvy Metal’ Black

Rogue Aces

Currently in development – contact us for more info!